Monday, August 23, 2010

Hyena Vocalizations

Recently, I've been helping a friend analyze some Hyena vocalizations he recorded in the field. He's specifically looking at whoops. Here's a recording of a hyena whoop that a different researcher posted to the web: Whoop (paper). It's been a lot of fun and, with the permission of the researcher, I'd like to show you a spectrogram and a pitch track of a whoop.

There, wasn't that nice?

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  1. Neat--I'd be interested to hear more details about the analysis. I was especially interested in the sentence "Each hyena also has its unique and stereotyped whoop, so that whoops can also be used for individual recognition." in the paper you linked to. It would be interesting to see how the individual whoops are differentiated.

    Slightly OT: I saw that Shermin de Silva's corpus of Asian Elephant Vocalizations was recently released through the LDC (see the LDC catalog entry
    here). I bet they would publish a corpus of hyena vocalizations, too, if your friend is interested...


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