Sunday, August 28, 2011


Well, here in Philadelphia, we've just braved Hurricane Irene. From what I've heard, damage here was relatively minimal, and we haven't lost power. My friends further north in NYC are in my thoughts, cause it looks like they got really hammered.

The silver lining here for me is that I was able to go collect data from the Weather Underground station about six blocks away from where I live. Here are the numbers.

We got 5.68 inches of rain, which fell most steadily between 6PM and midnight last night.

Barometric pressure, on the other hand, hit the floor at 6AM today.

As for wind speeds, there are two measures from the weather station. Speed is, I believe, average wind speed over the reporting time bin (which varies between 1 and 7 minutes...), and Gust is, I believe, the maximum speed during that time bin. Either way, our max wind speeds were around 11PM last night, and they've stayed pretty high into this afternoon.

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  1. Daniel Ezra JohnsonAugust 28, 2011 at 6:48 PM

    Can we note the discrepancy between the maximum observed wind speeds and the imposition of a "Hurricane Warning"?


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