Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Earthquake: Do your part for data collection!

An earthquake just happened on the East Coast, my first! It turns out the US Geological survey has an online survey for earthquakes called "Did you feel it?" and the data is freely available! So

Go take the survey!

As of now, it looks like survey response has really petered out.

But you can download the data and some graphs here, in the downloads tab.

I whipped up this quick visualization of the responses.

Look at that big depressing gap in the response data, right where the epicenter was! And all across Pennsylvania.

If you're from those areas, you really ought to go take the survey!


Well, I feel a little stupid. It looks like there are two locations on the USGS site for this earthquake, and the one I was looking at is not up-to-date... Maybe I don't feel so stupid, it's not the best kind of design.

The real data to download is here. I've already updated the links above.

And here's the real visualizations. Here's the raw data:

And here's mean values across a grid.


  1. I'd be interested in seeing that last map corrected for population density, to get an idea of how likely it would be to have felt the earthquake in any given location. (Insert disclaimer about non-randomly-sampled survey data here, of course.)

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