Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Blogging Again

I'm just returning from the annual NSF IGERT Project Meeting. I've been supported by an NSF IGERT fellowship during my first two years of graduate school, and was asked to present a poster on my research. Mine was on a dialect geography project I did on the low-back merger and subsequent changes, specifically TRAP retraction and STRUT lowering. I didn't win the poster prize in my research category, but another linguist working in second language acquisition did! Congrats Sunyoung!

I've decided to resurrect this blog after the Digital Science panel discussion. Blogging about my field seems like a fine way to spend my (little) free time. My only apprehension is that I'm blogging openly under my real name. I'm sure everyone in academia has the experience of coming across a paper they wrote in undergrad or early graduate school, and felt a little ashamed and embarrassed by it. Now I'm planning to archive that on the open internet? I've got to be a little crazy.

But, I'm also very passionate, and we all need to fail a lot before finding success. So here goes nothing!

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